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  • Data Management / Data Quality 

    • Do you want to improve data quality, manage data quality life cycles, and ​establish a course of action for your business going forward? Lucid Analytics will help you establish processes to allow the maintenance of high quality data to keep your business function optimally 

  • Data Mining 

    • Do you or your employees have limited statistical knowledge? ​Allow our professional consultants generate your data models for you! We will walk you through how to understand different data streams, creating the most accurate results for your business

  • Forecasting 

    • ​A large part of managing your business is planning for what is to come. Predicting the future. The challenge that most businesses have is that many can’t plan for what is to come because they don’t have a clear picture of what the past trends are. At Lucid Analytics our team of professional consultants, utilizing SAS’s suite of forecasting tools, will assist you in getting a clear picture of the past so that you can predict the future

  • Grid Manager 

  • SAS Viya

    • SAS Viya is a cloud-ready environment that will provide data scientists, business analysts, application developers, executives, etc, with the reliable, scalable, and secure analytics management. Lucid Analytics is certified in SAS Viya, and can help establish and customize this program to cater to your data needs

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