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Premier Admin and Support

  • Performance Tuning, Clean Up, and Monitoring  

    • Lucid Analytics is here to make sure your systems are running optimally.  We monitor your system on a weekly basis and identify potential issues before they become a problem.  We perform tests on your input/output subsystem to ensure it is performing at its peak. Also, we periodically remove old, unneeded data, logs, etc. to keep your system as clean as possible  

    • Trend reports for disk space, CPU, and memory utilization are provided on a weekly basis.  This allows us to get ahead of any potential bottlenecks and helps you plan for growth before resource needs become critical

  • Patches and Hot Fixes  

    • Don’t let your system become out of date and vulnerable. Lucid Analytics identifies needed patches and hotfixes specific to your SAS deployment and will work with your user community to schedule after hours outages to apply the necessary patches.  This service is provided monthly  

  • Technical Support  

    • Although you get technical support included through SAS as a SAS customer, Lucid Analytics knows your specific deployment and the skills of your business’ human assets.  Our staff has thousands of hours of real world scenarios and can readily identify issues that occur. We don’t just “fix” an issue, we implement a standard to resolve issues that have been proven to work for customer after customer

  • Application Tuning and Query Optimization  

    • Is your database query performing slowly? Sometime no matter what you try, it just doesn’t help speed up a slow process. Often customers try to resolve this by buying larger, more expensive machines.  Our technical consultants have many years of experience handling this type of problem.  We know hundreds of tips and trick to get your processes performing with lightning speed.  Sometimes new hardware is unavoidable, but often, a few hours of code tuning will be all that is required to get your processes performing optimally

  • Code “Debugging”  

    • Have a problem you are trying to solve but just can’t quite get the right code to get there?  We’ve been there too.  Fortunately, we bring that wealth of experience to all our clients.  There are many ways to approach a given problem, and we’ve likely tried them all.  We know what works and what doesn’t. What’s efficient and what’s not.  Bring your problem to us and allow our coding experts lend a hand

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